5 New Best Alternatives to GoToMeeting To Conduct Webinar

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Alternatives to GoToMeeting

If one type of application that has grown dramatically during the global lockdown is video conferencing apps. 

The rise of zoom has taken everyone by surprise but for whatever reasons you don’t want to use zoom then here are our top five Alternatives to GoToMeeting picks for every kind of user. 

Google Meet

At Fifth Position We have google meet not long ago Google meet was a paid subscription bundled with G suite and It is one of the best alternatives to GoToMeeting but now seeing the rise of other video calling platforms even Google has made meet app free.

The pros are well you barely need any setup as most of us already have a Google account.

The audio and video quality are good above average you can create meetings and ask your colleagues to join but as of now only the hosts can type messages and not everyone.

Another disadvantage which we felt was lack of extra functionalities that are provided by rivals like zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Overall it’s pretty simple and easy to use and with updates it can even match zoom at some point but not now.

Microsoft Teams 

The fourth position goes to Microsoft Teams If you are a professional then this might be the app for you. 

It has tons of extra features like background blur captions though they are not accurate most of the time and the ability to add extensions of other apps like github make teams a complete office app. 

Alternatives to GoToMeeting
Alternatives to GoToMeeting

The UI is great and pretty smooth as well but the setup process with teams might take some time to get used to unlike zoom or Google meet. 

There is a learning curve with teams but if you have the patience to learn then teams is a great app for working professionals.

Although the audio/video quality is not that great just about average. Microsoft is one the amazing most demanding Alternatives to GoToMeeting.


At third comes Skype this might come as a surprise but we have another app from Microsoft here but in terms of setup overall UI and even the audio and video quality are much better than teams. 

Teams are more focused on professionals but if you are someone who just wants to have a fun video calling application then our best pick will be Skype. 

Skype is available on every platform and syncs smoothly between our PC and mobile. 

It’s a great messenger as well one thing to keep in mind is anyone who has the meeting link can join the host does not have control over incoming participants. 

But you can remove them if you have an unwanted guest. 

Cisco WebEx 

Coming very close to our best pick Cisco WebEx comes at the second position this is one of the best video conferencing apps. 

When it comes to overall video calling quality and alternatives to GoToMeeting then the UI is pretty simple. 

Alternatives to GoToMeeting
Alternatives to GoToMeeting

And it is easy to understand it has a lot of extra features  like screen share whiteboard. 

If you want to explain something by drawing and captions pretty much everything most of us need, all the WebEx is aimed at professionals. 

Anyone can use it for day-to-day use finally coming at the top position is 8×8 video meetings this application has taken us by surprise. 

When it comes to overall video calling experience the UI is great and simple without too many complications like teams. 

You can even  adjust your bandwidth. The UI also shows the signal quality of other participants. 

YouTube Live Streaming 

Which is very helpful when someone is purposely trying to avoid your questions one unique feature which we found to be pretty over-the-top was you can live stream. 

Your calls on YouTube right now 8×8 has a limit of 50 participants but with a live streaming option well. 

There is no limit all the apps that are shown here are free and have a paid subscription option as well also every app shown. 

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If you know any other app then let us know in the comments below.

So we have listed top alternatives to GoToMeeting and we will be doing more of this type of articles in future. 

So stay tuned for that do Subscribe newsletter if you found this article helpful and also thank you for reading.

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