7+ Top Weird Best Business Software in 2021

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Best Business Software

The best business Software tools that you can use in your business. And you ready for it?

They’re free. And not just free, for trial free. They’re free for all the dang long days. 

So get ready, get out the pen and paper, because these business tools just might change the way that you run your business.

Now I use these tools on a weekly, if not daily basis, that have helped me grow all of my businesses. 


The best Business software Number one is LastPass. You know when you’re logging into your Shopify account and then Click Funnel And then Ship Station and then Sephora and then Amazon and then Old Navy. 

Your brain is exploding because you’re like, “Oh what’s the password? “What’s the email that I used?”

Well, now they’ve made it so easy for us. LastPass keeps everything all together and it’s free.

Yes, they do have an upgrade for $3, but you don’t need it. Just get the free one.

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This second one right here. Is called Trello. Trello, I’m singing its praises.

Why, because when you start building your business and you’re like, “Oh I got these colors “and I got this logo and I’ve Got all these website media “stuff like that.”

Where do I find my logo? “Where do I find this? “What about that idea, or this idea?” 

Trello helps you organize everything. Now there’s a lot of free YouTube videos on how to use Trello.

Best Business Software
Best Business Software

trying to find what you created a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago, it’s all in one spot. Testimonials. 

When people are singing praises on social media, about how cool you and your product are, copy and paste it and stick it here, so you’ll have all your testimonials in one spot. 

So that you can use them, all over your website. It is one of the best business software.


Next one. InShot, ah! You guys, InShot is magical. This is an app on your phone, a free app on your phone. 

Yes there are in-app purchases, but I haven’t bought any and I’ve used it for two years. Love it! 

When you’re editing videos, when you’re editing pictures and you want to put words on it, this is where to go. 

Now it doesn’t happen all the time. But it gives us a better chance of getting our content out into the world better. 

So that’s how you do it on videos, is just use something called InShot, free. For you.


The Fourth best business software is Lightroom, on your phone. The phone version is free. 

Yay! I know, right? The Desktop versions are gonna cost you money. Get the free phone version. 

You can edit your pictures, make them lighter, make them pop, make them brighter, all that good stuff. Right in, Lightroom. 

All those pictures that you’re taking to use for social media. All the screenshots you’re taking of your customer’s amazing testimonials.

They get a little bit bogged down in your phone, right? Says someone with over 20,000 pictures, in my phone.

 Word Swag

Next one, Word Swag. You know the cute quotes on everybody’s Instagram feed? 

A lot of them are using Word Swag. So let me show you, here’s my Instagram. 

And you can see that I’m using it right here. Like I got little quotes right there. 

I was on a quote kick. This one I wasn’t. But you can, like you just put in what you want and then you just hit the numbers and it designs it for you.

It’s so cool, you don’t have to be a designer. They made it for you, for free, yeah! I know! Some of these people. 


For Your Websites the best business software right here, GTmetrix. All right, this one, ah! Sing praises to this one too. 

Put your url right here and it can tell you if your site is as slow as tar. Nobody is going to buy from you, if they have to wait. 

And they don’t want to. Oh no, it’s just not gonna happen. And then it is even better, because it tells you exactly what your site is slow. 

Could it be that you have this normal, huge, monstrous of a picture, that just can’t download fast enough?

It’s gonna say, this picture is too large. Shrink it down, put it back up, retest it and then I’ll show you how much faster your site will go.

Google Number

Google number. You know on websites that have phone numbers and how legit they look? 

Yeah, you can make your site look legit too, with a Google voice number. 

The best part is, you don’t have to put your own cell phone on your website. 

You put a Google voice number on there and then, if you don’t wanna answer it, it just gets directed into a Google folder and it tells me exactly what they want. 

Then, I can either call them back with my Google voice number, or I can assign it and have my customer service person do that. Magical, right? 

No numbers are needed, except the Google voice number. It makes your site look so much bigger and so much more legit.


The best business software is to help you to connect with your business partner right here, Zoom, ah! All right, this one. They’re free, free, whom, service. 

I love Zoom, because you can conference with your team members.

You can go in, you can help them set up whatever they need to. Beautiful for training.

Then the free plan, you can do up to a 45-minute conference call, which some people are like, “Oh, 45 minutes isn’t enough.” 

So, is really great. A great way to communicate with people that are across the world, across the country, across the street, even across the room. 


I have mentioned the best Business software to help, like these free business tools that you can use. 

I need you to write a comment down below, if there’s other free ones and it’s not like the trial. 

I don’t want trials for like two months and then you have to start paying. These are free forever. 

I would love to hear, share and learn from you. Then make sure you’re following me over on Instagram. 

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