How to Sell a Products On Instagram easily need to know in 2021

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Sell Products On Instagram

Hello Folks, Today I am going to show you the Incredible method to how to sell products on Instagram with step by step.

There are too many social media platforms available, but Instagram is one of the best growing platforms.

Instagram hit the one billion monthly user that is almost an eight of the whole population of the world. If you want to sell products on Instagram easily and you are at the right place.

The method which I am going to share with you based on full research for shoppable Instagram to sell on Instagram.

If you are really looking for best ways to get instagram followers fast to grow your business account and to create instagram shop online.

In fact one of our readers started selling on Instagram, he created his Instagram business account and joined the affiliate program and started selling products.

What to sell on Instagram

We can sell products on Instagram which is high in demand by people in the market. Before promoting any product choose a niche.

After selecting a niche, you need to find out or research about a product, which is good or bad.

Sell Products On Instagram

If products are not too good as per your research do not go to sell products.

Sell those products which you really like to use, if you do not like then do not promote the link.

How to sell on Instagram without a website ?

Instagram shopping is most demanding nowadays, so we want to create a shoppable instagram account to sell products on social media platforms without a website.

Then we need to follow these methods to start selling products in Organic ways, one thing i want to share with you is the time taken process, so lets start.

Sell Products On Instagram
  1. Create an Instagram business account and Optimize your profile to get Instagram followers.
  2. Create an attractive Bio using relevant hashtags and emoji because it grabs the attention of your viewer. 
  3. Add CTA ( Call to Action) words that convert.
  4. Select a niche (category)  for promoting products as per your interest.
  5. Join Any affiliate programs like Clickbank, Jvzoo, warrior plus, commission junction etc , which is suitable in your niche.
  6. Affiliate program has a unique link for any product we need to use the unique link in bio , posts, story.
  7. We can also offer PLR products to our audience and provide value.
  8. Now focus on Creating Quality post Infographics photos, video, reel etc.
  9. Do proper research of Hashtag because hashtag plays an important role to increase number of followers and impressions.
  10. Start sharing stories and posts with consistency.
  11. Tag the top influencer with great content if they will notice your post if they like then they will also share in their story. 

All of the above steps depend on the quality content and engagement with the audience. If you really like to sell on instagram we need patience and producing quality content.

Try to create awareness posts on which your audience likes and engage with your post.

Attract your audience that likey converts if you are available to solve their problem by creating a quality product they like to purchase through your link.

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Free methods to sell products on Instagram

So the audience likes to buy products through your instagram posts, video, story reel. And with instagram shopping the audience is more likely to buy products directly.

We are going to discuss some amazing tips to sell affiliate products easily by using our well researched content with correct information.

Make a habit of posting about products

Try to create infographics, photos and videos about your products on a regular basis with quality and timely, so your audience will build a habit of looking at your post regularly.  

If you are really passionate about creating posts on a regular basis and make a habit to connect and interact with your audience.

Sell Products On Instagram
Sell Products On Instagram

We are creating posts about any product then we have full knowledge about that product, so if our audience asks some questions in the comments section we are ready to help them.

Reveal the Exact process and Intention of creating post

Create a short video and photos and show them how your product is created and create an Instagram post with full research.

Show your audience the story option of how you are creating posts for your products in detail.

Show all the pro and cons of your product

One thing to keep in mind is your audience is your net worth, so do not lie with your audience and show them all the different pros and cons of the product.

Try to share variants of products to sell products on Instagram. So create amazing posts.

Create Story highlights

So we need to focus on creating story highlights of different products that will create amazing engagement of products.

Sell products on Instagram by using story ads, yes you can also sell products by running story ads.

Create Instagram stories with product links that will generate more leads and sell. Sell products on instagram through story ads, shoutout, tag.

Create a flat lay picture, and use emoji and different pictures so Flat lay picture taken by the above products looks attractive.

Build shoppable Instagram posts by creating post adding value in customer life.

Share Testimonial photos on Instagram, videos of customer

It creates a unique bonding with new customers who want to purchase the products. It also creates awareness with new customers.

Share all the best methods with your audience how you can use it. Share log IGTV videos.

One thing is to sell products on Instagram which is actually the right and best product for your audience, so in future they will interact with you.

Engage With audience

Hey instagrammer, try to engage with your audience so they can more like to interact with your post.

Also they will buy products through your link, if they need. So do not only focus on selling products on Instagram but also create amazing posts and engage with the audience.

Add Call To Action in Caption

Add CTA (Call to action) in the caption of your post, because CTA creates an amazing impact on your audience to purchase or visit the page.


How do I promote products on Instagram?

You can select the right product for the audience and create a landing page, add the link in the landing page or also you can add in Instagram Bio.

After this we need to post relevant content, engage with the audience, solve their query and also you can run Instagram ads.

How do I launch a product on Instagram?

If you have a product then you should create a business account and add a regular post and story related to our product.

Then run Instagram ads and also you can connect with top influencers and pay them some charges they will publish posts about your products.

How do I put product photos on Instagram?

It’s very simple, capture products photos and open Instagram, you will see (+) Icon in profile option click on , click on Feed post and post it, same as you can post story also.

How many followers do you need to tag products on Instagram?

There is no thumb rule to tag products on Instagram, you can start even if you have Zero followers.

How do I sell Amazon products on Instagram?

  1. Join Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Create Instagram Business account related to your products
  3. Create Infographic, video about your product
  4. Add CTA (Call TO Action) in Caption of post and link in bio also can run ads.

Can you make money on Instagram without selling products?

Yes, You can make money on Instagram without selling products, you can become Influencer and Counselor, Content creator. 

Brand will reach to you for promotion of their product, then they will pay you for promotion.


Instagram is one of the business leading platforms, nowadays everyone is looking for sell products on instagram and build online businesses.

To start selling on instagram, first you need to develop or use genuine techniques which we have shared above.

What do you think is easy to sell products through instagram or not, i think It is a long term ongoing process.

Which of these techniques you are going to start today let me know comment below and share your opinion about the post.

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